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Black Bear Resort 


Experience Everything The Upper Peninsula Has To Offer

Fine Dining

Bar & Lounge

Clean, Comfortable Rooms

Easy Accessibility To Trails & Attractions

Bowling Alley, Pool Tables, & Games

Gift Shop

Gas & Shopping

Conference Room

Bowling & Fun

Lanes, darts, pool, air hockey & more. Pizza Parties too!

Full Service Dining & Conference room

Business, get-togethers, or just going out. Check out our menu!

Welcome Sledders And ATVs

There's a trail for every season, and access starts here. Fuel & store too!


Large, clean rooms all year round. Call for availability & reservations

Word of the copper boulder brought fortune hunters to this Ontonagon River Country before the War of the Revolution. There “By the shores of Gitche Gumee, by the shining big sea water,” they found the Chippewa, led by Konteka—Large of stature, mighty of courage-leading his band to bountiful pastures.

Native American Interpretation of Konteka was “bouy” plentiful food and drink.

May our Konteka be a bouy to our guests, and as you enjoy our hospitality, may you remember a way of life “in the pleasant land and peaceful.”


Friendly service, amazing food and everything you could need in one location. Definitely will go back again.

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400 Main St, White Pine, Michigan

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Contact Us You must call 906-885-5170 for room availability & reservations

The Konteka Black Bear Resort

400 Main St, White Pine, MI 49971


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